Ateliere in limba engleza pentru prescolari, Bucuresti

Joi, 28 august 2014 / 18:00-18:45 / Workshop B4K – SAILBOAT / Upper case S
la Cărturești Verona


Ateliere prescolari (3+) in limba engleza
Mansarda Cărturești, Strada Pictor Arthur Verona 13-15, București


Bricks 4 Kidz starts the JOLLY BRICKS series every Thursday at
Carturesti Verona. For the next 6 Thursdays children will build a SAILBOAT, an ALLIGATOR, a TOWER, an IGLOO, a PINEAPPLE, and a NOTE.On the first Thursday,children 3+ are invited to learn and play with LEGO® bricks while building a SAILBOAT.
The class objectives are: recognizing the letter S; identifying parts of a
sailboat; recognizing and describing a triangle; counting, stacking,
comparing bigger/smaller, finding the middle.
Class registration: / / 0723.267.153

Tariff: 50 LEI / workshop




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